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Designed for Travel by Road, Air, or Sea

Go back in time with this aviator-inspired jumpsuit that is as versatile as it is iconic. Layer clothing underneath in cooler weather or pair with ankle boots to dress up and go out.

✓ Enjoy lightweight fabric durable enough to keep you protected from the wind, rain, and snow. 

 ✓ Crafted with a woman’s figure in mind for a flattering fit.

✓ Manufactured in a family run factory in Los Angeles


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Painter's Uniform - PRE-ORDER ONLY

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The Artist's Way

Fitted painter's uniform meets 20s’ aviation jumpsuit. 

✓ Luxuriate in soft but durable cotton fabric

✓  Embrace stepping into a timeless, flattering uniform.

✓ Manufactured in a family run factory in Los Angeles

Why Gesso white?  In the 19th century Union house painters adopted the white uniform often paired with a black bow tie to distinguish themselves with professionalism from non-union painters.  White also happens to be the coolest color to wear while painting out in the sun. 


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